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St. Anthony PreHospital Services Paramedic Academy

Paramedic Cycle 96 begins July 2014. Apply Online

The EMT-Paremedic is not only a health care professional, they are the eyes, ears and hands of the emergency physician. Through the paramedic's observations and report, the doctor in charge must be able to make an accurate assessment of a patient that the doctor can neither see nor touch; through the paramedic's hands, the doctor must render skilled, appropriate treatment. In their management of the critically ill and injured, paramedics and doctor are linked only by a radio, and the success of their endeavor depends on earned mutual trust and respect. Our Paramedic Academy is one of the oldest and most established paramedic training programs in Colorado and the United States.

General Information
The Paramedic Academy is presented by St. Anthony Hospital PreHospital Services. The Paramedic Program Administrative staff includes Gerald Estep, MD, FACEP, Gina Soriya, MD, Scott Phillips, MS NREMT-P, Tracy Collins, RN, BSN, NREMT-P and Marilyn Bourn, RN, MSN, NREMT-P. Principal faculty for the Paramedic Academy includes emergency physicians, registered nurses and paramedics. Adjunct faculty is comprised of professionals from other inter-related fields. The Paramedic Academy is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs in cooperation with the Joint Review Committee on Educational Programs for EMT-Paramedic. The Colorado Community College and Occupational Education Systems also recognize Paramedic Academy for up to 49 college semester credits.

The course content prepares the student for advanced emergency medical care under the direct radio/telephone communication of an emergency physician or within the protocols set forth by their physician advisor. Field/clinical experience is provided to our students. These clinical hours are in specialized critical care areas. Additional field experience is provided through affiliated EMS agencies. Successful course completion includes certification in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, Pediatric Education for Pre-Hospital Providers and International Trauma Life Support. Graduates of the Paramedic Academy are eligible to apply for certification with the National Registry of EMT-Paramedics and the State of Colorado.

The course is approved for Veteran Benefits and Workforce Grants. Other government and private scholarship funds may be available. For more information contact Jami Cavos at 720-321-8972 or jamicavos@centura.org.

Paramedic Cycles begin annually in January and July. You should read detailed Paramedic Academy Requirements and Costs thoroughly prior to applying

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