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  • We consider EMS agencies vital partners to our hospital and are committed to providing the services, resources and protocols that allow for the best possible patient care and outcomes. Whether you are looking for an exciting career where you can help people or you are already an experienced EMS professional seeking a quality environment to attain your continuing education, we have the resources you need.

    At our EMS training facility, just across Union from St. Anthony Hospital, students have access to:

    • Increased classroom space with dedicated skill and simulation capability.
    • State of the art video conferencing capability to provide synchronous video conferencing capabilities with our EMS partners.
    • Two dedicated simulation labs with built in video conferencing and recording capabilities, as well as an isolated control room to allow for remote instructor oversight.
    • Computer resources that allow the students access to online educational resources that are maintained by the school.
    • Close proximity to the new St. Anthony Hospital for student clinical experience.
    • Improved parking to which minimizes conflicts between students and hospital staff or patients.

    Benefits of choosing St. Anthony Hospitals PreHospital Services and Institute of Emergency Medical Training:

    • A state-of-the-art education facility that includes dedicated simulation labs.
    • We interact with local, state, regional and national organizations to make your job easier. 
    • We provide Medical Advisorship to more than fifty-five emergency response agencies.
    • Our team is highly motivated and each member of our staff has a common interest in the advancement of EMS. 
    • Our backgrounds represent several levels of the medical specialties including: EMT, paramedics, nurses, and medical doctors, business professionals and hospital administrators
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