• St. Anthony PreHospital Services Tuition Payment

  • Instructions for Paying Your Course Tuition and Fees.

    Online Payment

    If you need to pay an application fee or have been accepted into a St. Anthony PreHospital EMS Course and need to pay your tuition, you can use the following process to pay by credit card.

    When you click the pay now button you'll be directed to a payment screen that will allow you to securely process your course payment. Note - this payment screen will not populate your individual tuition information, so you will need to enter the course name, date and your individual tuition amount. Please use the following instructions for completing the payment screen.

    1. In the "Event Description" field please enter your course title followed by start date.
      Example: "EMT - month/day/year"
      (Course titles are EMT, EKG, IV Approval, Advanced EMT, Paramedic)
    2. Enter all personal information fields
    3. In the "Amount" field you will need to enter the amount you owe for your fee or tuition. Seat fees and course tuition amounts are as follows:

      Seat Fees:

      AEMT: $250
      EMT: $250
      Paramedic: $500

      Final Course Fees: 
      EMT - $1145 
      Advanced EMT - $2295
      Paramedic - $7045

    Individual course refund policies are available in each course requirement description. To request a refund, please please contact: pamelaice@centura.org or 720-321-8970

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