• Colorado Medical Practice Acts

  • Memo is from the State concerning Rule 500

    It DOES NOT represent changes in protocols, as allowed by the Medical Director. Any questions by St. Anthony agencies, in reference to the protocols or these acts, can be directed to Thomas Candlin or 720-321-4167

    State of Colorado Memo

    On November 15, 2007 the Board of Medical Examiners (BME) held its quarterly hearing and reviewed the proposed changes to Rule 500. Thanks to input from stakeholders around the state, numerous areas of Rule 500 were updated and revised. Many of the proposed changes were in an effort to bring more consistency and organizational form to the rule. In addition, there were several substantive changes which may impact clinical care. The proposed changes were adopted in their entirety by the BME and became effective on November 15, 2007. The revised and approved Rule 500 was posted on the BME website today. Please review the attached MEMO which outlines the changes and provides the web links for Rule 500 on the BME website. 

    Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment  
    Direct link to the Complete Rules 500 Document


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