• Patient Follow-Up

  • The St. Anthony PreHospital Services patient follow up system is designed to promote excellent patient care by providing valuable records of patient outcomes.

    The primary purpose is to ensure continued quality medical treatment, in the field, by determining how care given by EMS personnel affects patient recovery.

    Confidentiality must be maintained when obtaining patient data, especially follow-up information, in compliance with federal and state law and hospital policy. Therefore, patient information will only be released to the healthcare providers directly involved in the requested case and/or their EMS response agency quality improvement officer.

    Patient follow up may be requested by contacting one of our PreHospital Field Coordinators, Thomas Candlin 720-321-4167 or Scott Phillips 30720-321-4166.

    Because of the sensitivity & privacy of patient care, we are unable to provide patient follow up for the general public. We respect the security of both patient & healthcare provider according to the Healthcare Information Portability & Accountability Act requirements as they apply to Personal Health Information.

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