• Denver Metro EMS Agency & St. Anthony Protocols

  • Keeping you informed with up-to-date protocols

    The following links provide important protocol resources:

    • Denver Metro EMS Medical Director Protocols: Denver Metro EMS Medical Directors (DMEMSMD) website where you will find the latest and current version of the DM EMS protocols. Any reference in the protocols to the medical acts allowed, procedures or operations at any level is not to be construed as authorization to act beyond the scope of certification of any provider.
    • St. Anthony System Protocols: St Anthony System protocols and policies which are to be followed by St. Anthony affiliated agencies. These protocols supplement the Denver Metro EMS Medical Director Protocols.  If you have any questions about these protocols, please contact our PreHospital Field Coordinators.
    • St. Anthony Avalanche Resuscitation Guidelines: The latest and current version of the St. Anthony System Avalanche Resuscitation Guidelines.

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